‘music for weavers’

Track list:

1. threads
2. bobbins
3. overshot

‘music for weavers’ is inspired by the world of textile craftspeople, makers, and artists. It is a world of contradictions, where soft materials meet sharp needles and blades, and where repeated patterns can transform into and out of chaos.

‘threads’ is the anthem of thread dancing and gliding through the air.

‘bobbins’ evokes the spike of adrenaline that hits as things start to unravel.

‘overshot’ refers to the category of weaves used in historic American coverlets, and placed on beds. it is about intimacy, nestedness, and living through history day by day. it is also about the challenge and importance of having a sense of home.

These tracks were composed with a combination of hardware and software tools. Field recordings of water lapping the shore at Golden Gardens are processed through modular samplers and effects and join the precision sculpting of samples and soft synth sounds in Ableton. Vocal recordings from previous projects breath new life in arrangements that gallop and somehow, eventually, fall into place.
Artist Bio

enereph is the music making moniker of Connie Fu, an interdisciplinary artist working at the intersection of textiles, sound, and performance. 



2023 enereph, Occult A/V, Leandrul, Dark Sparkler at The Rabbit Box | Seatle, WA

2023 Jade Plain presents: enereph, Nick Bigelow, Jon Scheid at the Chapel, part of the Wayward Music Series | Seattle, WA

2023 The Mortuary | Olympia, WA

2023 Ground Hum | Seattle, WA

2022 Dark Sparkler, enereph, Alexandrite, accuraci at The Jewelbox | Seattle, WA

2022 OneBeat X Fellow and artist-in-residence | Albuquerque and Taos, NM

2022 Spiral is the Way released on Handsmade

2022 Velocity Festival (with Jesse Whomst) | Seattle, WA

2022 Nature Machine released on Velvet Lab

2022 Leandrul, Project 32, John Steven Morgan, enereph, Solitaire at Cafe Racer | Seattle, WA

2022 Heterodox Showcase at the Sahara Lounge | Austin, TX

2022 premoniss /Bukimi no Tani Gensho released on Heterodox

2021 OneBeat Virtual 2 Fellow | Online